As the year goes on, the weather progressively runs through its seasonal cycle. Throughout the four seasons, depending on your location, the weather and its elements are continuously changing. These seasonal changes can bring on normal wear and tear to a house. To prevent excess damage brought on by the weather, regular maintenance on the house and it’s appliances should remain updated to give the homeowner better quality of living and a longer lifespan for the house itself. Keeping up to date with your home’s maintenance results in the property remaining in good condition and makes it much easier to sell the home in the future. Now that summer is coming to an end that means fall is right around the corner. A few things a homeowner should do to prepare their home for fall would be to have your air ducts and heating appliances inspected, pack and store summer clothes and household items, check windows and doors for cracks and drafts and check the roof for any needed repairs. The Fall means a drop in temperature, which also means you want to have your heating system inspected. By doing this, you ensure yourself comfortable living conditions throughout fall, winter, and early spring. Make sure your air ducts do not have any leaks which could result in poor heating and insulation for the home. Along, with a well maintained heating system, check for cracks that contribute to poor insulation. During the colder months the sealing can separate windows from their fixtures so make sure to re-seal for reinforcement against the cold. Checking for cracks is essential to a home, because after the fall, winter will be in full effect and you do not want the cold winter creeping into your house.

Amongst other things to consider would be to repair any leaking faucets. The cost of repair would be relatively small compared to the repair of a busted pipe in the middle of the winter. Also, examine your roof for any repairs that may be needed. Look for any leaks or skylights that can compromise the roof’s durability. While you are up there, it wouldn’t hurt to clean out the gutters and downspouts.

A cluttered house is not a good thing, too much furniture or Thanksgiving tabledecorations takes away from the beauty of a home, as well as causes hazards. Pack and store away any seasonal items to reduce the amount of unnecessary clutter in the home. Condense your closet by storing your summer clothes away to give yourself more closet space. Most importantly find a place to stow away your deck furniture so it does not become weather torn from the harsh elements of the winter. For those fortunate homeowners that have a fireplace you should definitely get that in order. Clean out all of the old ashes and make sure the damper is open so air is moving freely through the chimney. If need be, hire a professional to perform a chimney sweep. As you can see the main priority in making the transition to the Fall would be maintaining a comfortable and even climate throughout the house. Considering you will be spending a majority of your time indoors, it would make sense to take the necessary steps to have pleasant living conditions.

I hope you enjoyed your summer because fall is on the way, but don’t worry fall is also an enjoyable time of year.

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