The 7 most important things for staging your home to sell faster and for more money are as follows:

  1. CLEAN – A house should be sparkling clean.  Clean houses are more appealing and buyers will assume they are better cared for.  “If you can smell it, you can’t sell it.”
  2. CLUTTER – Clutter makes it difficult for a buyer to mentally move into a home.  You need to clear out extra items, including some furniture.  A home staged by an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), may appear sparse to some, which is absolutely necessary to produce a home that appeals to the most buyers.
  3. COLOR – The color on the walls should be neutral and flow from room to room.  You can add splashes of color with accessories in each room, rather than with paint and carpet.
  4. CREATIVITY – The essence of staging is creativity; using what you already have in new and interesting ways.  ASP’s are trained in being creative.  They are drawn to home staging and can help sell homes faster and for more money.
  5. COMPROMISE – Many times you will need to compromise because there are not enough funds in the budget.  For example, suppose that you have one room in good condition, but the tile is the wrong color.  There are effective ways to minimize the color to make it look great.
  6. COMMUNICATION – Effective staging communicates a message of space and openness.  It sends a message of being Qtip clean and having the right colors that invite people in instead of turning them away.  The staged home message brings in buyers and leads to a sale.
  7. COMMITTMENT – It takes commitment to get a house staged.  The seller needs to be committed, the stager has to be committed as well as the real estate agent.  When all are committed, the house will be staged to its very best and that means a sale will follow for the best of all concerned.