Welcome to Staging Works Wonders

We are here to market your home so that it will sell for the most money and in the shortest period of time. We know that staging works wonders. In today’s competitive market, your home needs to outshine the competition. It needs to have the WOW factor to set it apart so the buyer remembers your home. That is where Staging comes in.

Staging Works Wonders’ owner, Mary Billish, is an Accredited Staging Professional “ASP” trained by the originator of staging, Barbara Schwarz at Stagedhomes.com. We can professionally stage your home to attract buyers to your home. We emphasize the positive elements of your home and minimize the negative aspects.  We create a warm and attractive ambiance for home buyers to immediately envision themselves living in your home. The result. Your home sells quickly and at the best possible price.

What Is Home Staging?

It is marketing a home so that it can be sold to the highest bidder. How do you market a home? You change a home into a house, a commodity for sale. You are turning your home into merchandise that will allow buyers to envision themselves living in it. You begin by clearing out all personal artifacts, clutter and unnecessary furniture. By removing distractions from the potential buyers, they are able to see the space and what they can use it for. They are visually moving into your house. This is imperative for the buyer to even consider purchasing your home. An Accredited Staging Professional will highlight the best features of your home with their creative ideas.

Why Stage?

The investment of staging your home is always less than the first price reduction. Also the market time is drastically reduced. Home Staging is an investment in your biggest asset and well worth every penny.  It is best to stage your home before you list it on the market. The first showings are a key and you want to impress the potential buyers initially. 80% of potential home buyers are searching listings online. The photos of your home are very important. If a potential buyer does not like what he sees, he will not visit your home.